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WE are scientific & designers

Biologists, Bioinformaticians and Designers : the perfect combination of skills to take care of your data.
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Graduate degrees

We have high university degrees (PhD and Master levels) in Biology and Bioinformatics with extensive experience in research, academic and industry.

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We are passionate about medical and scientific illustrations and data visualization. We followed professional training courses in webdesign.

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We use Photoshop, Illustrator and Powerpoint to create original and made-to-measure figures for your publications, presentations and communications.

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We can use Python and R programming languages to explore your data and generate custom and meaningful figures, ready for publication.

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From raw data to scientific illustrations !
Data Analyses & Visualization

We can help you to analyze your Next Generation Sequencing data and create meaningful illustrations for your publications, presentations and posters.

We can start working from your raw data, use your final results or act just as a support accompanying you and your team, step by step, in your data analyses.

Our consulting team can help you with Linux, basic files editing and transformation (bash), programming (Python, R) and data analyses (mapping, peak calling, variant calling, etc...).

Finally, we can help you with scientific visualization and medical illustration.

  • WGS, WES, de novo

  • ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq

  • RNA-seq, miRNA-seq

  • Python, R

At Science DESIGN, we love details

We can take care of all the details for you !


Bpipe, WDL, Snakemake
As bioinformaticians, we can provide you with all the scripts as we can set up complete automated pipelines on your own local or distant machines.

We can also help you on the choice of hardware if needed.


Pubmed, PMC
As scientists, we can explore the litterature for you while doing the figures, or you can guide us to create the figure the way you want it.

We can be totally autonomous while scientific articles are freely availables.


Neurosciences, Cancer, Chromatine
As biologists, we can help you to interpret yours results. We can go further than a simple figure delivery.

We can help you on finding the gene or protein of interest and understand its impact of the studied disease.


As designers, and always all along with your expertise, we can create very precise figures related to your field.

Meaningful illustrations for your publications or presentations, in any format and dimensions you need.

We can fully accompany you from analyses of raw data to final illustrations or on a part of your workflow.
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